Adv. advocate Zviya Goldstein born in 1982 grew up and was educated in Haifa. She is a graduate of the prestigious Hebrew Reali School in Haifa. Adv. Zviya Goldstein gained her expertise and specialization at the Family Court in Ramat Gan and later practiced in the field at the leading Law Firm Avni-Shualy-Herzog in Haifa. Her work consists of comprehensive legal counseling, and is characterized by dedication, obtaining the most favorable terms for her customers, strong focus on beneficial results with close support and guidance to her customers in the areas of civil, commercial and labor Law. She serves, among her other varied activities, as the Chief legal counselor of Ben Rachamim and Bros. Ltd. (construction, roads, construction and development).  Adv. Zviya Goldstein holds a Bachelor degree (LL.B) in Law from the Netanya Academic College.