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Family Law, Succession and Will

The firm deals with divorce cases, child custody, domestic violence, drafting of agreements between partners including prenuptial agreements, wills, inheritances and any additional issues in family law.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in litigation proceedings in the field of civil and commercial matters. 

The firm represent its clients in alternative dispute resolution systems (ADR) outside the court, such as mediation mechanism and arbitration institutes, to achieve the best solution for our client.

Land Property and Real Estate

The firm specializes in various aspects of real estate, including real estate transactions, registration of the relevant registry and real estate taxation

Criminal law

The firm accompanies its clients in an intelligent and sensitive manner from the stage of investigation and arrest, while in talks with the authorities, to the court hearing, including the appeal process.

Collaborating for advanced and unique solutions

Our firm offers its clients legal advice and representation in a wide range of legal fields. Our broad knowledge of relevant fields and our expertise in law provides us the possibility to offer a diversity of creative legal solutions, within a unique mindset, in order to protect our clients, this following their needs and the circumstances of the case.

Our clients base consists of a variety of companies in different businesses, organizations and individuals at all relationship levels, both for legal representation in need as well as for legal ongoing support in various matters. The solutions we offer rely on extensive experiences and profound professionalism in our work environment proficiency. Our firm is meticulous in bringing on strong lawyers, with a great intellect and abilities, helping to reach the optimal solutions in order protecting the client’s rights by law and achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Working in a close relationship with our clients

Our perspective is that the client should always be the center of our attention. We are aware that common rights and legal procedures are often unknown to the person seeking counseling or legal advice. Therefore, we firmly believe in full transparency and usher our clients step by step through any legal procedure, and even afterward, while keeping the client regularly informed with respect to any progress made. We do our work by maintaining the values of excellence, professionalism and paying attention to details, to provide our clients with the highest level of service. 

We are available to our clients with any question, request or problem, big or small, our team provides personal care with respect to the client’s specific needs. Our professional experience enable us finding tailor-made creative solutions, in a wide range of legal fields, while retaining quality service and finding an overall solution; whilst maintaining professional integrity, discretion and confidentiality.

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