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Adv. Roey Goldstein holds a Master of Laws degree (LLM) from Bar Ilan University.

Adv. Roy Goldstein specializes in litigation and dispute resolution, provides counseling and legal representation in the areas of personal status, property and civil law, criminal law and more.

Alongside and in addition to providing legal representation to his customers, he holds a certification to act as a defense attorney in military courts.

Prior to establishing his law firm, Adv. Roey Goldstein served as commander in the Operational Division of Israel Police for the duration of 10 years. During this period, he gained a vast and valuable experience both in police work and interface with civilians and with State authorities, notably on work procedures and the various interfaces within these authorities. After successfully completing his service in the Israel Police corps, Adv. Goldstein worked at the Attorney office of Adv. Tommy Nadashi – one of the most prominent and leading defense attorney in the country.

As of recent years, Adv. Goldstein provides counseling and legal representation to a long and varied list of corporations, business people and police officers in the framework of the Internal Investigations Department of Israel Police as well as  to other investigation committees.

In addition to the above capacities, Mr. Goldstein represents senior accountants, lawyers and private clients.

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Adv. Goldstein implements an efficient, proven and successful legal work method based on the involvement of a number of professional attorneys, experts in their fields, in each and every case.

His work practice is characterized by a pro-active, result-driven approach, integrity, thoroughness, dedication, perseverance and professionalism.

Adv. Goldstein accompanies and represents clients in all courts, judicial instances and tribunals as of the initial counseling, through the development and formulation of the most favorable, best suited strategy tailored to the customers' benefits and up to the completion of the entire proceedings.

Adv. Goldstein believes in setting high and, yet, realistic goals with regards to the final outcome of the legal proceedings and also in managing a total and professional legal battle on the one hand, and a swift, efficient one on the other, thus, allowing the customer to return to routine life as soon as possible.

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