Pro Bono by Roey Goldstein legal  firm

Our firm sees in Pro Bono (“legal work donated especially for the public good”, Merriam-Webster), a social mission to support the community. According to our view, providing high quality, expert legal counseling to organizations and individuals without, or with limited means, is a paramount value.

Our Pro Bono service  to different populations

Our Pro Bono activity is dedicated to the community and to promoting issues of social importance. Our Pro Bono services encompass many legal fields and are dedicated to different populations and organizations.  We provide Pro Bono legal solutions to a broad spectrum of cases, focusing on fundamental issues.

Our Pro Bono customers receive the same quality of service as any other customer. As part of the Pro Bono activities, we are in constant contact with various bodies that help Holocaust survivors and other under-privileged populations. These and other organizations are referring some of the legal issues and cases to us for further voluntary counseling and sometimes these activities take place in cooperation with the representatives of those bodies.

פרו בונו - פעילות למען הטוב- שליחות חברתית - משרד עו"ד רועי גולדשטיין