Practice Areas

Organized Crimes
Property offenses
Financial offenses
Drug offenses
White collar offenses (tax evasion)
Court martial and military criminal cases
Manslaughter offenses (manslaughter, homicide, murder)
Other violent crimes
Sexual offenses
Special committees parole board
Prisoners’ petitions, etc.
Criminal Road traffic court

Civil marriage
Prenuptial agreements
Inheritance and successions
Hague Convention

Drawing of wills
Request for granting probate order
Request for an order of inheritance
Representation during opposition to applications for probate order and estate management

Sales agreements
Option agreements
Transfer without compensation
Transfer of property rights – Land Registry Office / Israel Land Authority / Housing companies

Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in claims of severance pay, wages and social benefits
Filing of claims for compensation from National Insurance (bankruptcy / liquidation of company)
Counseling for companies

Debtors’ request for a receivership order and declaration of bankruptcy
Creditors – debt claims, creditors’ meetings, objections.

Drafting of Founders agreements
Drafting of partnership agreements
Preparation of protocols
Voluntary liquidation
Companies Registration at the Registrar of Companies
Ongoing handling, consultation and representation
Changes in regulations / company name / transfer of shares / allotment of shares